Are You Worried About Having A
Healthy Pregnancy?

Are You Afraid You Don’t Know What To Do To Ensure Good Health For You And Your Baby?

Don’t Worry! We Can Help You and Your Child!

Does this sound like YOU?

– You are pregnant with your first child and you want to be sure to do things right
– You are having another baby and you feel you did not take care of yourself well during your first pregnancy.
– You don’t have a clue what to do to stay healthy, well and feeling good during pregnancy.
– You KNOW you don’t have all the information you need to feel educated about your pregnancy and delivery.
– You know that pregnancy is natural and normal but you are feeling overwhelmed and concerned and need more information.

Of Course You Want Your Child To Be Born Healthy And Happy!

And You Want To Stay Healthy As Well!

We Know How You Feel…And We Are Here To Help!

We can teach you about the stages of pregnancy and what you will experience!

And we can teach you how to care for yourself and your child, and protect your health during pregnancy, and during labor.

You don’t need a lot of books, or video tapes and you don’t need to have a medical degree.


And take the time to read this book!

You CAN manage your pregnancy and take the mystery out of childbirth.

You CAN learn how to eat right, exercise and change your lifestyle.

You CAN carry and deliver a healthy baby!

Do You Want To Know HOW?

‘The Healthy Pregnancy Guide’ has all the answers you need.

We’ll take you through your pregnancy step-by-step, one trimester at a time, and tell you what happens to your body and how to deal with the changes you experience.

We will show you what to eat and how often, how to safely exercise and how to take care of your body during this critical time.

Here is some more of what you will learn:

Symptoms and Health Considerations During Pregnancy

How to Plan for the Day your Baby Arrives

Why it is important to compose a ‘Birth Plan’

How to Manage and Talk to Your Doctor and Other Health Care Professionals

Are you ready to feel confident and ‘in control’ of your pregnancy?

Do you hate wondering whether you will know the right things to do to stay healthy and to have a healthy child?

Well…WE are ready to tell YOU everything you need to know!

And you can get all this information RIGHT NOW!

You don’t need to go to school or read a 300 page book.

You can do all of this with this book.

After you’ve read this book, you’ll probably feel so confident that you can teach your partner and your family a few things about pregnancy and delivery!

  • Focus on Your Long-Term Goal of a Healthy Delivery
  • Understand the Signals Your Body is Giving You
  • Find Out What Happens To Your Baby at Every Stage of Pregnancy
  • Know What to Expect During Each Trimester

‘The Healthy Pregnancy Guide’ will tell you all of that…and more!

DO YOU KNOW when to stop working during your pregnancy?

DO YOU KNOW HOW to get a good night’s rest when you are pregnant?

DO YOU UNDERSTAND how to prepare for breast feeding your baby?

‘The Healthy Pregnancy Guide’ gives you simple, easy to implement answers and solutions to all your questions.

In this book, you will learn

  • Guidelines for Good Health During Pregnancy
  • How to plan and manage your labor
  • How to choose your doctor or midwife
  • How to interview the hospital or birthing center



  • What symptoms you will have during each trimester and how to handle those symptoms
  • When to call your doctor – What is a problem and what is normal?
  • Whether you might have morning sickness and how to handle it.

If you read ‘The Healthy Pregnancy Guide’, you’ll get all of this and MANY OTHER SURPRISES!

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