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Preparing For Labour and Delivery

Once you go into labour, you won’t have the time or mental capacity to start formulating your birth plan. Labour could occur much earlier than you would expect or at a time you weren’t prepared for. Knowing what your plan is and being ready well in advance will save you a lot of grief once your contractions start.

Where Your Delivery Will Take Place

You’ll have to decide whether you’ll be giving birth in a hospital, at home, or at another birthing facility. Ensuring it’s a location that is close to home which you can get to quickly and easily when labour begins is imperative. You’ll also want to make sure your choice of birth place is equipped to deal with any emergencies that occur, or that you can be moved quickly to the appropriate facility if necessary.

Have Your Bags Packed

Your labour may last quite a while, so packing a bag with the essentials you’ll need and having it ready in advance will save you a lot of inconvenience later on. Because you could go into labour anywhere and at any time, keep your bag in your car so it’s with you even when you aren’t at home. Your birth partner can always bring you things you need at a later time, but there will be a lot of confusion going on once your labour starts, so preventing any unneeded hassle can be a big relief.

You’ll be leaving the hospital with a new baby, so don’t forget to pack for him or her as well. Some weather appropriate clothes and blankets, baby carrier, and car seat are all items you won’t want to be without.

Know the Signs

Understanding the signals that your labour is beginning will reduce panic and confusion and could give you the extra time you need to get to the hospital safely. Your doctor should inform you and your partner of what to expect so don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need to ensure that you feel fully prepared. Knowing what to expect with contractions and abdomen pains will allow you to remain as calm as possible when your labour starts.

You may develop a well thought out birth plan for yourself, but make sure you’re emotionally prepared for any unexpected changes that arise. Some women decide they don’t want an epidural, but that could change once you go into labour. A vaginal birth may be the plan, but a Caesarean section could become necessary due to complications. Getting as much done as you can in advance will save you a lot of trouble when your labour starts, but plans may change so being emotionally and physically ready for anything will help your delivery to go more smoothly.

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