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Getting a Good Night’s Rest When You’re Pregnant

With the changes in your body and the additional weight in areas you aren’t used to, getting to sleep can become more difficult as your pregnancy progresses. The added hormones in your body can affect your ability to sleep, but there are some things you can try to get that elusive good night’s sleep you’ve been craving.

Sleeping Ergonomically

The most important part of getting a good sleep is the area you’ll be sleeping in. An appropriate room temperature and comfortable bed is a great place to start. The position you’re accustomed to sleeping in may no longer be comfortable and some doctors recommend sleeping on your left side to reduce the additional baby weight on your liver. If a side position still seems uncomfortable, using a maternity pillow could be very effective. They come in all shapes and sizes and can support the specific areas you need such as your belly, back, neck, and head.

Eating Properly

Whether you’re pregnant or not, a proper diet can have a very beneficial effect on the quality of sleep you get. Eating anything too heavy or greasy before bed may make sleeping impossible, so keep any late night meals or snacks on the lighter side to avoid upsetting your stomach before bed. Be sure to also avoid caffeine before you head to bed. If you usually drink tea or coffee before you sleep, try having some warm milk or juice instead.

Taking the Time to Relax

Getting wound up before bed or trying to sleep immediately after something has elevated your mood won’t do you any good. Take the time to unwind before you go sleep by having a relaxing bath with scented oils or by reading a few pages of a good book. If you can’t get to sleep right away, worrying about it will only make it worse. It’s better to get up and watch a few minutes of TV to take your mind off things rather than tossing and turning for the next hour or two.

Get Some Exercise

A regular exercise routine will not only help you maintain a healthy body, it can relieve stress and can make you just tired enough by the end of the day to get some proper rest. A thorough prenatal massage after a workout is an excellent way to loosen up your muscles while giving yourself some much needed relaxation time.

Missing out on too much sleep can leave you sore and grumpy and you’re probably already feeling that way from the extra baby weight and hormones. A few sleepless nights shouldn’t affect the health of your baby, but there’s no need to feel miserable from exhaustion so try a couple new things and figure out what works best for you.

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