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Supplements Your Body Needs to Keep Your Growing Baby Healthy

Supplementing your diet with vitamins and minerals is an excellent idea for anyone, but pregnant women may require more nutrients to help their unborn baby develop properly. Getting all the nutrition your body requires can be hard to do with just food alone so determine what your body is lacking and get yourself the proper supplements to nourish your baby and yourself.


Women require quite a bit of iron as it is, but pregnant women should have an even higher intake. During your pregnancy your blood volume increases and to avoid anemia, fatigue, and muscle cramps it is important to maintain sufficient iron levels. It can be hard to get all the iron you need from meats and green vegetables so be sure to take a good iron supplement to ensure proper development for your baby.


To maintain healthy bones for yourself you should be taking a decent calcium supplement anyways, but your growing baby requires a good calcium supply to allow for proper bone growth. Calcium may not always be easily absorbed by your body so take a supplement that also contains magnesium and vitamin D as these will help your body absorb the calcium more effectively.

Other Essential Vitamins

A good prenatal vitamin can go a long way in ensuring you’re getting the most important nutrients an expecting mother requires, however they aren’t always enough and all multi-vitamins are not made equally. Always check labels to ensure you’re getting the right vitamins you specifically require. Depending on your daily diet, your specific needs may vary from those of other pregnant women.

For those who don’t eat much fish or seafood, a supplement containing omega-3 fatty acids is an excellent option to stimulate healthy physical and mental development in your growing fetus. Adding vitamin C to your supplement regimen can help with teeth and bone growth while assisting in calcium absorption.

If you aren’t sure which vitamins and minerals your body requires, speak with your doctor or a dietician. Some types of vitamins may seem like they will give you the nutrients your body needs, but not all supplements can be fully absorbed unless taken properly. Always read labels and don’t hesitate to seek advice from a health care professional or pharmacist.

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